What makes windows thermally efficient

Window Fixing and Glazing for Thermal Efficiency

At Rusgold, we offer window fixing and glazing services. We can fit different types of windows and doors to suit your needs. You will have new windows and doors fitted for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common is to be more energy efficient. Whether it is a home or business, customers are now aware of energy efficiency more than ever, and with that in mind, we want to explore how windows can be more thermally efficient and talk about the options you have. 

What are thermally efficient windows?

Energy or thermally efficient windows are usually double or triple glazed. This is because single glazed windows let out heat and allow cold air to come in. Whereas with double and triple glazing, you can save around 20-40% in energy use. This means that you spend less on your energy bills, and your home is kept comfortable and draft-free. 

What are your options for thermal efficient windows and how are they made?

Making windows thermally efficient can be achieved with different types of windows, frame materials, and glass. If a natural material such as wood is used, then this is already an insulator, but if other materials such as aluminum or uPVC are used, then other materials such as polyamide or designs such as a multi-chamber are used to create more insulated frames. 

In terms of glass, you can choose double, triple, or fixed. Double glazing is a step up from older windows and can lower energy usage, waste, and cost, but triple glazing gives you even more protection. You also have the option of fixed glazing, and this creates a feature window. The window cannot be opened; it is more like a decorative feature. These windows do not let heat out or cold air in, but you still get the lightness and brightness of a functioning window. The actual glass used has also improved, and most of the glass can now come with a special coating. 

How do you know if your windows are efficient enough?

You are now probably wondering, are your windows thermally efficient? Well, you can have a little look at your windows and check. If you see anything to be concerned about, you can contact a professional team like us. The first thing you should do is look around at the windows. If you see any damage, chips, or holes in the pane or frame, this can let heat out and cold in. Have a feel for drafts, and if you notice condensation in between the panes of glazing, then this would suggest your windows are not sealed correctly.

Window fixing and glazing at Rusgold

At Rusgold, we can offer window fixing and glazing services. Our professional and expert team is always on hand to guide you in choosing windows that suit your needs. If energy efficiency is something you would like to improve in your home or business, please get in touch. We also offer door fitting services so you can feel safer and more secure in your home, all while stopping energy escaping. If you would like to hear more contact Rusgold today. 


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