We have availability for off the shelf A1 & A2 cladding solutions for Re-Cladding and new development projects.

Our history in facades provides us with a great understanding of the process. We supply Aluminium and Steel Cladding Systems including accessories such as Copings, Flashings, Cassette and Flat sheet Panels in a variety of alloy grades and finishes but, more than this we understand the whole process, Estimating, Design, lead-in, delivery and installation. We can help and supply to the Specialist Facades Contractors,

Our cladding utilises 2D and 3D sheet laser cutting machines and waterjet as an alternative to laser cutting, allowing to manage a greater thickness of the metal. As our supplies are created using various bending brakes we can supply the same repetitive series elements as well as intricate bespoke products and prototypes.

We offer Aluminium elements with Powder Coating to Qualicoat standards, Anodised and PVDF coating.

We are more than happy to quote for any tender that you currently have, and give you a competitive offer for both the supply and the installation of various systems.

If interested, please contact us on 0203 917 5777, or by email supplysales@rusgold.co.uk