Stone Facade Cladding

Which Type of Stone Can Be used For Stone Facade Cladding?

Since time began stone has been used in the construction of buildings. Due to stones’ durability, strength, and visual appeal it is now a popular choice for facade cladding. However, the design possibilities are endless with stone facade cladding so it is important to be knowledgeable on what type of stone to use. 

Many different types of natural stone can be used for cladding. The stones are usually put into categories. Usually, these are sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous. These categories can help in the process of choosing the best stone because the appearance, durability, and more can be considered with ease. 


Sedimentary rocks are formed in or on the earth’s surface and here are the common types of sedimentary rocks used for stone facade cladding.

Bluestone – This type includes lots of different varieties of stone but they all have a blue hue and bluestone is popular in construction. 

Jerusalem Stone – This stone is one of the oldest and it has a pale look because it is made from dolomite and limestone. It is dense and weather resistant so it is a good choice for cladding. This stone is usually off-white or it has a golden pink tint.

Limestone – Limestone varies in colour. It can be white, beige, brown, black, or even have a blue tint. There are also different textures to choose from including veined or chunky. This is a commonly used material for exteriors because it can be shaped easily. 


Metamorphic rocks were a different type of rock to begin with but, then the properties were changed due to intense heat. These are common metamorphic rocks used in cladding. 

MarbleMarble is not as popular as it has been throughout history. It can be difficult to work with and there are many cheaper alternatives. However, it does create a more decadent look and it is being included on more and more building exteriors. 

Slate Slate is now a very popular building material for the inside and out. It looks sophisticated and modern and it is durable, water resistant, and low maintenance. 


When molten rocks cool down and turn into a solid, igneous rocks are created. Here are some popular igneous rocks used in cladding. 

BasaltBasalt can be used inside and outside. It is a common rock used in cladding and it is very insulating. 

GraniteGranite is very durable and it is a common choice for exterior cladding because of the colour and texture. The stone is available in lots of shades. 

Think about the design

When choosing a stone, you should also consider the design of your cladding as different stones are more suited to different types of cladding. For example, for the more traditional handset cladding, granite, limestone, marble, slate, and sandstone can be used for this. 

Overall stone is used in cladding because it is sustainable, durable, insulating and most are low maintenance. What stone you choose depends on how you want the exterior to look. Think about colour, texture and aesthetics.

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