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The sfs framing is a construction technique with a “skeleton frame” of vertical steel columns and horizontal beams, built in a rectangular grid to withstand the floors, roofs and walls of a building that is attached to the frame. The development of this technique made possible the construction of the skyscraper.Many steel and steel machines are made of steel. The brown steel is a powerful one. Take a circle of 1 inch / 25mm wide. If you put this wall in peace on your roof, you can hang it 20,000 Kg (20 tons).

This immense energy building has great advantages. Other important features of the steel structure are its flexibility. It can be done without cracking, which is another great advantage, because a steel building can flex when it moves from one direction to the wind, to the wind, or to the earthquake. The third characteristic of sfs framing is its plasticity or flexibility.This means that when under the great power it will not suddenly crack like a glass, but look at the gradual shape.

This property increases the size of steel buildings, or distortion, thus allowing residents to flee the warning. Failure in the steel frame is not sudden – a steel structure rarely collapsed. In most cases, because of these properties, the earthquake performs much better than most other substances.

But steel is an important property, it quickly loses its strength in the fire. At 500 degrees Celsius (930 degrees Fahrenheit), almost half of the light steel could lose its energy. That was the fall of the World Trade Tower in 2001. Therefore, steel in buildings should be protected from fire or high temperatures; It is usually called the fire protection of the board or the spray-on components.

The sfs framing system is a fast constructive system that produces panels and continual walls, designated for indigenous built buildings and high separate walls. The cold framing systems have all the advantages of cold versatile sections such as extreme diversification, easy execution, high speed construction and low weight of final frame.

It is an ideal bearing system for low growth home and where the speed of construction is emphasized.Properly designed light components make the site easy to manipulate and reduce the waste of building materials. The personal material is distributed on the site and is integrated on the site. According to the material production documents or custom lengths can be made and custom made according to the site cut.


  • This is mostly used in
  • High strength increases its strength, low weight, and construction speed
  • The ability to build large Spanish space at low cost is the technical building
  • Warehouse building for the same reason
  • In a strategy called the building of light gauge steel in the residential building
  • Setting up temporary structures as this and removing them fast


There are many types of sfs framing system.

Conventional Steel Fabrication

when steel machines cut down steel and long lengths, and support them to make the final process. This can be done entirely at the company, which is active, or in one of the forums, to provide a positive and timely setting.

Bolted Steel Construction

When steel  fabric produces and draws steel material production, which is then transmitted to the site and is simply bolted in place. This is the preferred method of steel making, because workshops with proper equipment, lighting, and work conditions can be widely used in fabrication.The size of the components is usually controlled by the size of the truck or trailer, usually the maximum length of 6 meters (20 feet) for normal trucks and 12 meters (40 feet) for long trailers. Since the only work on the site is being done, the steel framing system members (with the cranes) and Bolting are being lifted, the work here is very fast. Pre-engineer buildings are an example of building bold steel that is designed, built, run and made by an organization to the owner.

Light Gauge Steel Construction

This is a kind of construction for residential and small buildings in North America and parts of Europe. It is similar to the wooden framework, the light gauge is used in steel quartets instead of wooden members of wood. The light gauge steel is made of thin (1-3 mm) steel size, which is shaped in the form of C-section or Z-sections.




It may seem strange at first, because if you weigh 2×4 of wood and weigh 2×4 in steel, the steel framing system will be more weighty due to its concentration. Although it comes in the framework, steel I-Bim design can be light, structurally light to wooden beams. A steel I-BEAM is less than glam, LVL, and Parlum beams.


Time has always been equal, but seems to have created this in our high-tech age so that every client wants to come under their building budget and before the schedule. Fast-trickled projects can be nightmares for architects and construction workers – meaning that taking shortcuts can lead to unsafe building practices and end products that are not up to date of waste. All that changed with that added to the SFS system.


Most of the cost you save can be derived from the benefits of labor and reduced construction times. However, the building with Steel is the first time and stores money through lifetime savings.


This hybridization comes in the game as well as an area. Although most landlords are aware of steel’s versatility and stability, they are aware of moving away from wood. As a result, many construction companies provide Hybrid Steel / Wooden buildings, which take advantage of the strength, stability and support facilities provided by the steel, which are associated with wood insulating properties

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