Curtain wall


This wall is the tower of an outdoor wall, which is used to eliminate the weather and the inhabitants. Since the walls of the wall are not solved, heavy loads can be worn, so reducing home loans. When glass is used as a wall wall, the advantage is that ordinary light can penetrate the interior.The wall does not carry any load from the room than its volume.

The wall transmits the cosmetic elements to the base of the building through the connection to the floor or the structure of the building. Wall walls are made to prevent air and flood, entering the wind and army working on the house, resisting the wind, and supporting its forces.

Installation of a curtain wall system Many days before the installation of the glazer gets on the job. General contractors have chosen to install your wall. Arrangements have been made to provide the site to the site and the Wall material has been sent.It is produced with a sheet wall sheet and with aluminum manufacturers, although the first protective wall is made of steel walls.

This aluminum base is filled with glass, which gives a home a delightful dining room, as well as value as light. However, the effects of light and light on the house are difficult to control when using large glasses. Other foods include: stone rods, bikes, clusters, and windows can work.

Most of the walls of the surface of the screen are horizontally and horizontally installed vertically as long pieces (referred to as stick) among the members of the vertical. Framing members can be built in a shop, but installation and glazing are usually performed.

Most parts of the wall of the curtain are installed vertically and vertically as long pieces (referred to as sticks) between the parts of the vertical. Framing members can be fabricated in a shop, but installation and glazing usually performs in the works.

Stick wall installation sequence Establish control lines

Find out through the contract exactly where the rod should go. The line is marked on the ground and above the bottom. They must be found on any ground before, during and after the walls of the barrier that all consumers use. The mark mark is used as a place to check the status of most of the material on the ground.


The controller determines the actual curtain wall installation by using a vertical and vertical appearance generated by an earlier set of symbols. This process will be reviewed and detected by two more than one. The wall of the curtain must have been an ongoing flight and surrounded the building. Each floor will have a suitable room for anchoring. Although the ground is not perfect or the cord, the wall must be.

Anchor plates

One of the most important aspects of the construction of the building is the place of entry and anchor style. The cupboard is packed with, closed, or thrown into the room. The type of anchor depends on the type of wall, construction and construction of walls.Many mechanisms make it anchored or supported by the anchor.

Exterior walls or weld plastics are thrown into the room. This makes the anchor anchored or painted with an anchor of steel, rather than being connected to one place.

The anchor status must be specific. The “well done” discovery does not win in this way. Do not use hands full of beer to make good lip or add anchor because anchor is good. Accelerating the anchor results in poor and inner weaknesses and walls.

Check materials

These items will come into the site during the process. Make arrangements with the contract before they arrive in the area of ​​safety or for the purpose of moving to the ground properly when they arrive. Many steel luggage on the ground would be fitted as truck trucks.Because of the weight of their abilities they should be put in place as they should apply. The proper positioning of those factors will help lower the control and the end result is due to damage.

Erect mullions

The foundation is usually the first one to be installed. These things must be settled in full detail. The holes are usually about 20 to 25 feet [20 to 25 m] wide and connect with one another on the other. Handwashing is used with mullions. The horn is mounted and mounted on an aircraft, the anchor is held but it is not solid. Once the full mullions are on the same plane, everything is closed. Mullion is put to the top of the past and so on.

Install horizontals

When the wide range of missions are in place, install horizontals. Use the manufacturer’s installation instructions because items can be found: through video clips, casts or brackets.

Seal the corners

Where the walls meet in the package or on the side, light-colored designers are usually given and often marked. If the system starts to fail and you will not comply with the manufacturer’s instructions, your company will be able to fall into the damage and responsibility of resolving the problem.

Glaze the wall

The curtain wall can be used by fire using various methods. The wall can be used for heating or burning. Manufacturers can also have glass cups 1/4-inch and spandrel as they cover or produce glass bar.


As soon as the procedure is completed, the outer cover and the closing end will be inserted. Abortion requires only the inhalation of the heat and its holdings.

Unitized walls

In the case of a rare wall, the assemblies are being moved to the proper place in the process, connecting to the complex and integrating complexes. They discover and close together to create a solid one. The synthesis and other details of the plant system affect the impaired wall.


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