Cladding & Curtain Walling

Cladding and curtain walling System

Cladding is a non-load-bearing layer that is attached to the outside of the building to protect it from weather and atmospheric effects. The cladding system has a great impact on your property value and building cost. It is a key element that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home or building. Curtain walling is a thin aluminium framed wall which contains in-fills of glass and metal panels. It does not carry the load of the building. It is attached to the building structure. It looks like the envelope of the building.

They are proposed to sustain only its own weight and survive the effects of environmental factors such as wind. Curtain wall system is carried out to protect the interior of the building against the exterior natural factors such as temperature, rain, sun exposure and winds.

Roles of Cladding

The basic role of cladding is to control and prevent the water penetration and weather elements while offering the optimal durability and aesthetical appeal to your home or building. The secondary roles of the cladding system are to provide thermal and sound insulation, fire resistance, and carbon dioxide emission. The choice of cladding and curtain wall system must be based on a careful assessment of each of these functions.

Performance Consideration

Cladding is generally made of metal, wood, plastic, or composite materials. The cladding can be directly attached to the frame or use an intermediate layer of spacers that prevent water penetration. The cladding system includes vertical or horizontal boards, smaller panels, and sheet materials. Each of the systems uses a specific approach that prevents rain and wind from entering through the joints.

Advantages of Cladding

Cladding offers numerous benefits but some of the main advantages are mentioned below;
In general terms, cladding is the process of coating one material with another to form a functional yet aesthetic look for homes and buildings. One of the most prominent advantages of cladding is the reduced maintenance cost. As compared to painting, cladding significantly minimizes maintenance costs.

Most external cladding only requires regular washing to maintain its appearance. Cladding offers long-lasting and durable resilience while protecting the external structure from adverse climate conditions.

Protection is the next key advantage of cladding. It enhances the mechanical strength of a structure by improving resistance to sunlight, rain, wind, and chemical pollution.

What Is Curtain Walling System?

Curtain wall cladding system is a widely used system around the world that is known as the building envelope for high-rise building structures. The curtain wall is a thin wall usually designed with the aluminium-framed wall. It contains thin composite material glass or stone face panels. It is designed so that the gravity and wind loads of the wall are transferred to the building structure.

Features of Curtain Walls in Building

One of the key roles of curtain walls is the elimination of water penetration. It prevents water from coming inside the building as two layers of curtain panels are installed to reduce the risk of water penetration as much as possible.

For environmental concern, curtain walling system offers air impermeability. It helps reduce the emission of carbon dioxide within the internal and external environment.

Types of curtain wall systems

  1. Stick wall systems
  2. Unitised curtain wall systems
  3. Semi-unitized systems
  4. Point-fixed glass systems
  5. Structural glazing
  6. Pressure-equalized rain-screen systems

Cladding and Curtain wall systems have great structural importance in the building and construction methods. Since the curtain wall has a higher exposure to the external environment, weather and atmosphere, it is important to design, install and maintain it properly. While keeping the functionality and sustainability factors in mind, curtain wall systems are designed meticulously.

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