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Ceramic Facade Cladding service

Drawing lines between interior and exterior, masks cladding not only a building shelter against weather and environmental elements, but also carry out a building look. How we communicate with the environment how to build a building ceramic facade cladding way is essential. Various types of fastened cladding seem almost endless and the ongoing innovation ensures the matching solutions for almost every climate or preferred look.

Metal Facade cladding

Certainly one of the best materials for facades, metallic cladding materials and products are known for their preparation, a fairly low cost and beautiful visual appearance. The metal can be painted and stretched as intended before moving to a variety of cloth covers covering pages, profiles, cassettes and panels. Metal mesh cladding is another category in this area, with perforated sheets and expanded metal mesh profiles making it particularly unique in architectural results. The key metal manufacturers of metal products included in our product guide include Euramax, Alucoil, Arubis Benelux, VMZinc, Haver and Boecker as well as Banker Wire.

Wood Facade cladding

Exquisite nature, the wood is an extremely ecological material favored today especially in the light of the green building activity. Wooden cladding is commonly used mostly in the history of traditional cladding applications, but new innovations in engineered trees and products on wooden facades – including the greater resistance to fire , decay and other extreme environmental factors – meaning that the wood is more popular than ever as a ceramic facade cladding  solution. The top innovators in this area to explore the Archello product guide include Decosphere, Fundermax, Rieder, Derako, Accoya, Moso and Novawood – just a few names!

Brick Facade cladding

Another classic face-to-face element, bricks cladding colors, textures, are available for choice that are endless array sizes. Face cladding in this category includes special clay bricks, bricks slips, as well as special bricks cut with unique profiles. The names that are included include Winarbarger, VanderSenen Group, Pietersen Braupen, Gamston and Briekroos Bande Mtel.

Stone Facade cladding

The stone and the reconstituted stone cladding are not only beautiful and beautiful but can make a variety of natural and mature features to refined and highly architectural. In addition to teaching the stone for its natural beauty, the benefits of determining the stone’s performance include performance behaviors such as lack of necessary care, as well as the unique resistance to dementia, spinning cycles and other deep-seated areas. Leaders of rocks dealing with catalytic solutions include Rockpanel, IMI-Concrete, Cosentino and Keller Systeme AG.

Concrete Facade cladding

The countless choices contained in the form, composition and face form make a pre-cast concrete molding that is very popular and nearly world-famous in modern architecture. From the 1960’s, this material dominates modern architecture with its beneficial, beautiful and effective benefits to it. There is so much use, it can only be a flat panel but the curved forms are also possible. The possible treatment of the face is infinite, including comfort or printing, lighting or rain. The best examples of the best products in the current category come from names like Equitone, Rieder Smart Elements, Cembrit and Corian design.

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